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ይህ ፡ ድህረ-ገጽ ፡ ወደ ፡ ፡ ተዘዋውሯል ። እባክዎን ፡ ይጎብኙት ።
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Hi everyone

As you can tell this is a new start and a learning experience for me. The reason I've decided to start this initiative is due to the chronic and very painful lack of lyrics for Amharic mezmur/gospel songs on the web. I personally find it very helpful to read the lyrics of gospel songs as I sing or listen to them and wanted to start a database that will contain the lyrics of songs that we love and treasure.

For this matter, I believe that the best way to do this is via a collaborative platform such as wiki structure so that all of can can contribute. If this starts to pick up I will invest more time and resources and try to move it to a dedicated website and host it personally if possible.

Until then ways to contribute is first and foremost via providing lyrics - written and typed in Amharic and/or English, to make it easier for people with no Amharic fonts (yet) we can also provide the English version of the lyrics after the Amharic ones. Make sure to provide the right title of the songs and the artists whether in Amharic or English. I stress the importance of the artist name and song title (can include album info too).

Furthermore, can contribute through prayer that this becomes successful. I do not intend to make money from this but hope to develop platform for everyone to use and those of you who are techy can provide help as the website progresses.

One last thing! This is starting as an Amharic lyrics database but i would like to expand it to encompass any language so the title name mezmur should not be misleading that this is exclusive for Amharic. More to come soon!

Thank you

Any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact me.